playful photographic experiments with made-up charcters
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Micul haos

Micul Haos is a project started by Maria in 2013 and developed by our studio since its inception. There are more than a hundred puppets we’ve created. But the focus of the project is more on the image and its narrative qualities. It has become a medium for dialogue between these playful objects and the landscape they’re inhabiting.

The character starts from a social exploration of the generation we’re part of. They’re completely handmade physical puppets that can be set in different expressions. They inhabit the worlds of their photographs, taking on human  behaviours, transforming the environment, forcing the viewer to reinterpret that which is photographed.

The image of an object is part of the object in question. Pre- and Post- processing are as important as the actual sutter release, considering the whole process of image creation.