Autonomous Nutrient Delivery Entity. Webbing - ANDE.W /æn. dēw/

1.The Narrative of Taste

A vernacular tradition in Eastern Europe implied people leaving extra meals in their doorways for passers-by as a gesture of goodwill. The project proposes a decentralized food network allowing a direct, unregulated transport of food in small quantities via ANDE, an autonomous drone equipped with a thermally insulated container.

2.The missing Guest

As a means of tackling food insecurity and food waste, individuals as well as companies (ex. Supermarkets) would be able to ship meals to parts of the world where they are most needed.

3.Just like Mom makes it

The users will be able to switch meals as a fun way to add cultural diversity to one’s diet. Via Drop-off and Pick-up points you would be able to instantly switch meal of your making with a random, fresh, home cooked meal freshly delivered from another part of the world.

4.The Vision of Taste

Each ANDE will be equipped with solar cells and LED lighting inside the ETFE cushions that it uses to balance and and float itself. This in turn, will link taste to a haptic or visual queue, making it equally interesting to see them travelling as it is to access their contents.

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