We take photos with our smartphones, we share them online, we store them in the cloud. We’re so used to taking pictures we don’t even notice it anymore.

ЛEH first started as an idea in the fall of 2017 when we put together the pictures we made in Anina. There we photo-documented the mining heritage of the area (that Meh is still backing). We saw that our pictures were very similar in style although they were made with different kinds of cameras, they could easly pass as being made by a single person.

We created ЛEH , or likely we outlined it, as a playful experiment on photography in our days.

ЛEH aims to understand the direction photography is going through a direct approach, neither of us is a photographer in the way one is perceived in the general culture.

ЛEHs are collective memories in print.

ЛEH wants to blur the line between a single author and a creative cooperative, between technical quality and composition, between digital and analog, between a serios subject and a serios party.

ЛEH also rises questions.
        Is it enough to just print it on small zines?
        Is there a difference between an analoue and a digital memory?
        Should we go big?
        What happens to our memories in print?

        Or just keep it all on instagram?

ЛEH aims to bring together people that work in the creative fields (not only photographers) that’s how it started, that’s how it should grow.

So, if you have ideas,send us a message, and we’ll create(or just discuss, doesn't matter) another ЛEH.

Take a look at the ones we’ve made so far: