BABEL 010144

what: illustration for a diploma
when: 2018
diploma author:Sebastian Comănescu

where: Bucharest Status: proposal-awesome diploma at UAUIM 

This was a flash project. We had to come up with 7 illustrations, plus one render manipulatio, that could easly tell the story of Babel 010144.

The project focuses on co-living and co-working spaces in the center of Bucharest. It’s users are the young

people (20-35 years old) that have come to live in a new kind of family structure.
A family based on the individuals you share the house with.
A family that easly changes it’s numbers and herachy.
This change impacts the interior shape of the house: apartmens and rooms can merge togheter or can easly break in small cells.

*The rendered image was created by: Monica Safta + Răzvan Socol, postproceesing Super:Serios

For questions about the project ask Sebastian.

the ‘fun’ render

the ‘serio(u)s’ render